Team Building 

Team building comes in many forms – mixing new employees with existing, the creation of a new department or office, or simply getting existing staff to work more effectively together. Where better to bond a group of individuals than the Alps. Ten80 Events have organised countless team building events over the years, and being based in Chamonix, the heart of the French Alps and the largest natural playground in the world, we are perfectly placed to run your next event.

Imagine the trust one colleague requires of another when they are hanging from a rope ascending a cliff or ice face, whilst their colleague belays them. Or the team ethic that is required when negotiating a raft down fast rapids.

These are obvious examples, however we have also created bespoke events tailored to the clients' requirements. For example, an orienteering and activity challenge for multiple teams, requiring both mental and physical agility but more importantly teamwork, so the team operates as a unit and is greater than the sum of their parts.

We work with some of the best and most experienced mountain guides in the world which enables our clients to perform within the maximum of safety yet push themselves to limits they did not know they had.