The Blues Brothers 

Arguably the two best ski instructors in the Chamonix Valley with the biggest personalities.

Julien (aka JuJu) is a born-and-bred Chamionard and comes from a long family line of ski instructors. Don't expect the old-skool from Julien though. He uses all the best 21st century principles to instruct skiers of all abilities. He also has the patience of a saint and a demeanour cooler than the summit of Mont Blanc in winter. Over the last few years, he has found time to buy and totally renovate a place in Brazil so be sure to ask him how much he's renting it for. He is also a qualifed bodyguard, specialising in skiing and protection so it's best not to mess.

Fred (aka Jack Black or John Belushi, depending on your age) is Julien's partner in crime. Despite his own distinctive and rather direct teaching methods, many of Ten80's clients claim Fred to be the best instructor they have ever had and request him time and time again on return trips. We think this is odd given how quick he is to laugh at our clients' less stylish manoeuvres but that's all part of his charm. Fred also took the bodyguarding course so don't let his height fool you!