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A serene setting for a company conference 

Whether at the location of a James Bond film or a party at George Clooney's villa in Lake Como, the Italian Lake District is breathtakingly beautiful, alarmingly chic and full of Italian pizzazz.  Each of the three main lakes – Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano – has its own charm, its own classic Italian villages and its own reasons for holding your event there. Wherever you choose to base yourselves, a corporate event in the Italian Lakes will be one doused in spectacular scenery and more than a little of the finer things in life.

Obviously it's not all about lounging around drinking cappuccino in Como's lakeside cafés or champagne aboard a graceful yacht. And there are other things to do than eat fantastic pizza in Lugarno's restaurants. Hiking in the Italian Lake District is superb and there are more than enough adventure sports here too - mountain biking, climbing, road cycling, water skiing to name a few. Ten80 Events can keep all your team satisfied (and help you work off the pasta!). For an Italian corporate event which combines classic Latin style with a taste of the outdoors, the Italian Lakes can't be beaten.